Vermont Trade Winds Farm

* Please Note *
We've had an amazing winter for skating! ...but as we move closer to March an outdoor rink is all weather dependent so check conditions and open times frequently. There may be periods when the rink is closed, but we will do our best to open again once the temperatures fall below freezing.

Current Ice Conditions

Rink Is Closed
The basic surface is still intact, but not frozen enough to skate on.

2.5 - Stars (out of 5)

Open Skating Times

Tuesday March 2nd
TBD depending on weather.

About The Rink

The farm’s ice rink is operated by Trade Winds Farm, the greater Hescock family, and local volunteers. It is open to the local community to use anytime the weather is good for making ice! Our season usually runs January 1st through first week of March.

Our History

We are entering our 21st year of maintaining an ice rink at the Hescock’s family farm in Shoreham. The first year was 1999, and not the best year for outdoor ice rinks, with the season lasting from only Dec. 25th to Feb. 17th. Our second year was a great one, with over 83 days of ice and a season that ran from Dec.7th to March 11th.

We’ve been at it ever since with the help of family members, neighbors, and “pond hockey” drifters who just needed a place to call home. Over the years we’ve tried just about every means possible in building ice, keeping the snow off it, and pursuing the forever elusive 5 star ice rating. Large gas water pumps have been run all hours of the night in frigid weather. 300 feet of frozen hose has been dragged back to a warm house countless times and always in disbelief at how fast running water can just stop running. Here’s to more history in the making!